Swaks Release 20130209.0 Available

A new version of swaks is currently available for download. This release contains a decent number of tweaks, bug fixes, and reworks. It features new support for the XCLIENT testing protocol (which originates in postfix-land but is in use elsewhere), and quite a few enhancements to the SSL/TLS subsystem.

In the pipeline for the next release of swaks are support for PRDR, a rework of the interactive IO system, and a reasonable header encoding system. If you have a feature you’ve wanted in Swaks, now would be a good time to ask!


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Swaks Release 20120320.0 Available

Update 2018-11-06: If you came here because of the announcement about version 20181104.0, the wrong URL was used in the announcement. The correct location for the new release is https://www.jetmore.org/john/blog/2018/11/swaks-release-20181104-0-available/

A new version of swaks is currently available for download.


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Swaks IPv6 Support – Initial Draft

I’ve put together an initial attempt at IPv6 support in swaks. If this sort of thing interests you, please take a look at what I have so far and let me know what you think.

LINK REMOVED – this was a development release and the changes have been incorporated in official releases. Please see the project home page at http://jetmore.org/john/code/swaks/ for the latest release.

There is no documentation included yet, but the only real change to the documentation is the addition of the -4 and -6 options to force IPv4 or IPv6. There are a few unrelated tweaks since the last release, but nothing that needs documentation at this point.

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More places to hear about swaks

I’ve never been especially proactive in evangelizing swaks, but its usage number have grown to the point in the last 10 years that I think I probably am probably hurting users by not having more communication channels to receive and provide updates.  So, here’s a quick breakdown of what channels exist right now, and where I want to go in the future


  • Website – http://jetmore.org/john/code/swaks
  • Update list – There’s no UI for this, but emailing updates-swaks@jetmore.net and asking to be notified of new releases will get you on the notify list.



  • I don’t really have any desire to run a mailing list myself but there have been some requests for one (which I assume would be very, very low traffic).
  • swaks.net – I own this domain, at some point in the future I think it makes sense for the swaks distribution to move to it.
  • Trac – swaks’ “todo” list is not huge, and not especially hard to hold in my head, but I like the idea of Trac or something similar because of its ticket/commit cross reference and the timeline to help remember the history of the development.  Not sold on this being worth the effort of maintaining yet.
If there’s some specific thing you’d like to see from swaks, whether it’s a communication channel or a feature/bug, please let me know in the comments or via email (proj-swaks@jetmore.net).