Swaks Release 20120320.0 Available

Update 2018-11-06: If you came here because of the announcement about version 20181104.0, the wrong URL was used in the announcement. The correct location for the new release is https://www.jetmore.org/john/blog/2018/11/swaks-release-20181104-0-available/

A new version of swaks is currently available for download.


IPv6 Support

The largest feature of this release is IPv6 support. This functionality survived a reasonable pre-release test period largely intact. I am still not convinced that my handling of MX records that point to both IPv4 and IPv6 domains is the best, but I didn’t receive any feedback on alternate solutions. I decided to release as is and see how my initial implementation held up to wider use.

New Features:

  • -4 and -6 options to force IPv4 or IPv6.
  • Added –local-port option
  • Added –dump-as-body and –dump-as-body-shows-password options, allowing session configuration information to be sent in the test email itself. (Suggested by Chris Pimlott)
  • –dump (and therefore –dump-as-body) includes a new line for a “reconstructed command line”. This is a sort of a synthetic command line including the real command line, any environment variable configs, and any config files.

Notable Changes:

  • The DIGEST-SHA1 authentication type now requires the Digest::SHA perl module instead of Digest::SHA1. Digest::SHA1 has always been an extra install step, while Digest::SHA has been in the core perl distribution for many years. (Suggested by Andreas Metzler)
  • The -m option, marked deprecated since 2007, has been removed.

Notable Bugs Fixed:

  • In some very rare cases, a server response can be a base64-encoded success response, or a plaintext failure. Previously in that situation swaks did not handle the case of the plaintext error and the –auth-plaintext option well, resulting in confusing output.

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