Swaks Release 20181104.0 Available

A new version of Swaks is available for download. This is primarily a bugfix release.


New Features:

  • Added –dump-mail option.
  • Added –xclient-delim, –xclient-destaddr, –xclient-destport, –xclient-no-verify, and –xclient-before-starttls options.

Notable Changes:

  • * XCLIENT can now send multiple XCLIENT requests. Because of this, –xclient and –xclient-ATTR values are no longer merged into one string. This breaks previously documented behavior.
  • * Numerous improvements to the output of –dump and –dump-as-body, including the ability to limit output by section, layout improvements, adding missing options to output, and fixing bugs.

Notable Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed bug preventing Proxy from working with –tls-on-connect.
  • XCLIENT is now sent after STARTTLS to match with Postfix’s expectations.
  • Fixed bug which could allow mail sending to proceed without a valid recipient.
  • Replacing a multi-line header via –header or –h-HEADER now replaces the entire header, not just the first line.
  • The option for specifying the local port was documented as –local-port but implemented as –lport. Both are now documented and implemented.
  • Fixed two bugs which prevented interactions between –dump, –auth-hide-password, –dump-as-body, and –dump-as-body-shows-password from producing consistent output.

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