Swaks Release 20240103.0 Available

A new version of Swaks is available for download.


New Features:

  • Added –cc and –bcc options
  • Numerous TLS debugging and verification improvements
    • Debug output contains whether a client cert was requested and whether one was sent
    • Add new options –tls-verify-ca and –tls-verify-host to differentiate between types of certificate verification (–tls-verify does both)
    • Add –tls-target option to allow setting of hostname to be used in hostname verification. This is useful in some inet debugging situations and required to do hostname verification with –socket or –pipe
    • Add –tls-chain (#60, initial implementation by Wolfgang Karall-Ahlborn)
    • Add –tls-get-peer-chain option (analogous to –tls-get-peer-cert, #73)
    • Certificate debug now includes all client and peer certs, it a chain was used (#73)
    • Certificate debug now includes notAfter, commonName, and subjectAltName

Notable Changes:

  • –output-file, –output-file-stderr, and –output-file-stdout now truncate the specified file if it already exists
  • Documentation improvements
  • Extensive test harness improvements
  • Add new stop-point XCLIENT-HELO to address lack of specificity when mixing XCLIENT usage with the HELO stop-point
  • Add new stop-point PROXY
  • Use IO::Socket::IP by default. Will still use IO::Socket::INET/INET6 to cover transition, but this is deprecated and will be removed in the future (#43)
  • TLS session debug information is now printed even if we decide not to continue the session (eg for failed verification)
  • Previously-deprecated functionality to allow some options to be either a filename or a literal string has been removed. Using the ‘@’ sigil is now the only was to specify file contents
  • Previously-deprecated -g option removed

Notable Bugs Fixed:

  • TLS certificate verification did not always work. It should now

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