Swaks Release 20201010.0 Available

A new version of Swaks is available for download. This is primarily a bugfix release.


New Features:

  • Added .netrc support
  • Added –tls-sni option
  • Swaks is now available on CPAN as App::swaks
  • Swaks will now print errors if deprecated functionality is used

Notable Changes:

  • Automatic file detection is deprecated. Previously, if an argument to –data, –body, –attach-body, and –attach resolved to an openable file, the contents of that file would be used as the actual argument. Now the proper way to do this is to place ‘@’ in front of the argument to state explicitly that the argument contents are in a file.
  • If any of the –xclient-* family of options (–xclient-name, –xclient-addr, etc) is provided more than once, only the last option provided will be used. See –xclient option if you need to simulate the previous behavior
  • -g option is now deprecated
  • Time::Local is no longer used and POSIX is now listed as a required module

Notable Bugs Fixed:

  • Fix for subtle issue related to environment variable options. Affected error handling for options which required args.
  • Fix issue preventing XCLIENT and STARTTLS from working together properly (#21)
  • Fix issue which could cause generated date header to oscillate on the day of DST transition (#17, deb bug 955798)

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