TestLink 1.9.3 API Documentation

I have not been able to find any up-to-date documentation on the TestLink XMLRPC API online. The best I could find was phpdoc output from 1.8.x located at http://www.teamst.org/_tldoc/1.8/phpdoc_api/. The actual content of that page was pretty helpful, just out of date. Today I returned to trying to work with the API and decided to figure out how to generate the same document format for the 1.9.3 code. I’m placing it online in case anyone else had the same issue I did.

Browseable TestLink 1.9.3 API documentation:

A direct link to the actual useful part of all that output:

A tarball of those docs, for your local viewing pleasure:

The exact command used to generate the output mimicking the 1.8 style I liked:

phpdoc --output HTML:Smarty:HandS -dn TestlinkAPI -d api -t phpdoc-testlink193-api

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  1. Hi Team,

    I am willing to know if there is an API to create a bug and push that to Jira for Test link.

    Ipsita Dash

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