Swaks Release Preview 20111202.0-dev Available

I’m almost ready to release a new version of swaks which includes a few new features and some bug fixes.  The last change I made involved a change in the code which reads text from the server.  All of my testing indicates that the code is right, but my available testing platforms aren’t as varied as they used to be.   If you are able, please download and test.  Feel free to share the link as much as you want, but please don’t package it yet.  If no one reports anything serious I’ll release the “real” version in a week or so.

Here are links to the script and the Changelog for this version:

LINK REMOVED – this was a development release and the changes have been incorporated in official releases. Please see the project home page at http://jetmore.org/john/code/swaks/ for the latest release.

I don’t have a pretty version of new features or bug fixes yet but the Changelog can be trawled for a decent overview.

Any testing notes or last minute requests can be dropped as a comment here if you want, but they are most useful as an email to proj-swaks@jetmore.net.

2 thoughts on “Swaks Release Preview 20111202.0-dev Available

  1. I don’t see XCLIENT making it into the next release, but I do hope to do a couple of follow up releases. I think the changes in one will only be IPv6, and the other will be bug fixes and other suggestions I have kicking around.

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